Independently Run Camps

Horse Boy certifies independent horse professionals and therapists in Horse Boy Method. There is currently a 5 step certification process that allows people to learn the different aspects of Horse Boy Method including the preparation of the horse, how to run playdates and camps and how to teach everything without the horse i.e. Horse Boy Learning.

Below is a list of Independent Horse Boy Practitioners that are offering camps applying Horse Boy Method and Learning. All practitioners are independent and run their camps in their own style. Some are more involved than others with back-riding, some even add surfing and other fun kinetic learning activities to their camps.

What they all have in common is that they are run independently. This means that you will be signing up with our Independent Practitioners, you will be paying them directly and you will be communicating with them. And here is the boring disclaimer: If anything goes wrong you hold Horse Boy harmless and will sort out your difficulties with the Practitioner themselves.

What we can assure you, though, is that these Practitioners have over the years shown a commitment to the families they serve and we have received numerous testimonials from happy families that have participated in their camps.